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Fixed Base B-737-800 Simulator

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 Virtual Aerospace Gloucester operates a fixed base B-737-800 simulator, as used regularly by professional pilots to practice on-the-ground and in-flight drills and emergencies.

The simulator is a life-size model of the actual aircraft and replicates accurately the systems as found in the real aircraft in every way, even down to an up-to-date navigation database of worldwide airports, navigation aids, radio frequencies plus take-off and landing procedures.

In fact, the only difference between the fixed base and full motion simulator is that the full motion machines are mounted on giant hydraulic platforms to produce realistic movement. Their cockpits, systems and controls work in exactly the same way. In fact the visual systems on the fixed base simulators are so good 95% of people think they are moving anyway!

Virtual Aerospace Locations


Manchester – Northampton – Shoreham





boeing737 Airbus
We operate two full motion Boeing 737 flight simulators; a 737 classic with its older analogue instruments and a new 737-800, with glass cockpit and up to date avionics.

Both machines are certified machines used
to convert pilots onto that type of aircraft.

Location – Burgess Hill (near Gatwick)

We share our A320 flight simulator with several
well known airlines who use it to regularly train and test their pilots.This state-of-the-art simulator is only a few years old and is a ‘must do’ activity for followers of the mighty BUS!Location – Burgess Hill (near Gatwick)
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