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Fear of Flying Session

Fear of Flying Session


The very understandable fear of flying is not something to be mocked but as a challenge to be overcome.

Throughout the history of commercial flight it has been responsible for spoiling many family holidays, restricting career opportunities, preventing many from experiencing the countless natural beauties of the world, viewed by millions every year, and even turning an experience that is for the majority a pleasurable event into a nightmarish feat of endurance!

Virtual Aerospace Gloucester's fear of flying session takes you into our B737-800 flight simulator that can replicate many technical and physical sensations you will feel on an actual aircraft, with the added advantage that, should you wish you can take to the 'driving seat' and find out for yourself how safe these wonders of modern technology really are…all in the knowledge you are firmly and very safely attached to mother Earth.

This session is a MUST do activity and has an excellent track record of helping many people overcome their greatest fear.

logo_125px "The 737 flight simulator at Gloucestershire Airport provides a very realistic experience, allowing you to take off and land a 737 at airports worldwide. The instruction was friendly and informative and a 1.5 hour session really lets you get fully accustomed with the controls. The simulator enables changes in time of day and weather to be introduced to add to the challenge of landing. Altogether great fun and a very memorable day." ratingView all reviews


Product Description


The Virtual Aerospace Fear Of Flying session is quite different from many of  the large group type courses ran by the airline. At Virtual Aerospace Gloucester you are 1 to 1 with a pilot creating a far more relaxed and personal environment and one where you set the pace. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want and at any time during the flight.

Whilst you are firmly fixed to terra firma in a fixed-base flight simulator you will still experience many of the sensations involved in normal flight, from the loud noise of the turbine engines powering up for take-off to the rumbling of the wheels on the runway to the whirring and clunking of the landing gear retracting into its bay and the doors closing, even the slight feeling of unsteadiness as the aircraft banks and turns in flight.

Whats involved in a typical session?

  • When you arrive at our reception you will be greeted by one of our operations staff who will show you to our briefing room.
  • You will then be introduced to your pilot who will be an experienced pilot, able to answer any questions you have.
  • You will then spend up to an hour in a briefing where your pilot will learn a little about you and your fear as well as talk to you about how aircraft fly and what will be covered in the flight.
  • Its then off to the simulator, this is a complete replica of an actual aircraft and once inside you will forget it’s not real.
  • You will then complete a short flight of about 60 minutes where you can talk to your pilot at any time. We encourage you to leave the jump seat at the back of the cockpit and sit in the captain’s seat next to the pilot, and as your fear dissipates take over the controls!
  • At the end of the flight its back to the briefing room for another chat, most people feel elated at this point having made an enormous leap in their understanding and control of their emotions.

The beginning of the end

Our  flight simulator has helped many people feel able to cope with flying again and ins some cases even look forward to it. They have been able to go on holiday or travel the world again without this terrible fear dominating. The techniques we employ have been developed over several years of experience in running these sessions; they are highly effective and have worked for countless people before you.

“Unbelievable, interesting and completely engaging, being able to actually sit in the cockpit and ask questions during the simulated flight i not only felt more comfortable, i actually enjoyed myself. This is so realistic you will totally forget you are not on a real aircraft.  Mrs P Shields, Guilford”

I booked my course 1 week before i was due to go on my first holiday in 10 years, i was utterly terrified and fully prepared to not even get into the simulator which looked exactly like a real aircraft interior, even the smell was real. However after the door was closed I found i had to keep reminding myself  that I was still on the ground and that it wasn’t real. It took me a further 15 minutes to completely calm down something I find impossible on a real aircraft and being able to ask questions directly to the captain made all the difference. This experience has given me an enormous sense of achievement. During my real flight I told myself I was just in the simulator and within 15 minutes I felt calm enough to watch a film – upon landing I was overwhelmed having got over my fear and during the flight back I even enjoyed it a little. Everybody with a severe fear of flying or in my case anything to do with aircraft should do this course; it has literally changed my life. Mr Varley, Essex



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