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5 Hour 737 Flight Simulator Course

5 Hour 737 Flight Simulator Course


This course is truly unique and has been carefully designed with a balance of fun and challenge in mind. Our goal is to teach pilots and non pilots how to operate the Boeing 737NG and totally immerse you in the world of the big jet pilot. Depending upon experience we will stretch your knowledge tailoring each session to the pilots level. That means for non pilots learning the basics of flying in general before moving on to more advanced handling.

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logo_125px "The 737 flight simulator at Gloucestershire Airport provides a very realistic experience, allowing you to take off and land a 737 at airports worldwide. The instruction was friendly and informative and a 1.5 hour session really lets you get fully accustomed with the controls. The simulator enables changes in time of day and weather to be introduced to add to the challenge of landing. Altogether great fun and a very memorable day." ratingView all reviews


Product Description

For PPL’s we introduce you to instrument flying and handling a 70 ton jet aircraft as well as covering more advanced procedures. For ME/IR / ATPL and commercially trained pilots the course is an introduction to Boeing systems and handling performance as well as some CRM and MCC subjects, which could be classed as a pre prep to either a Sim assessment or pre type rating training.

A typical final session would see you starting at the gate in Heathrow, being pushed back on a cloudy, dawn morning ready for a short hop to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. Taxiing out to the runway and keeping a good lookout for the other aircraft. Lined up on runway 27R this will be the start of a mentally challenging and visually stunning virtual flying adventure. The best part is that after course completion you will be able to use the simulator on your own or with friends for a massive discount paying just £90.00 per hour plus VAT.




  • All instructors commercially qualified pilots / current airline pilots.
  • Cheapest commercial flight simulator in the UK.
  • 120 degree wrap around visual system for total realism.
  • Real B737 engine and cabin sounds.
  • High resolution, ultra real graphics including more than 25,000 major airports around the world.

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