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Fear of Flying Session

The very understandable fear of flying is not something to be mocked but as a challenge to be overcome.

Throughout the history of commercial flight it has been responsible for spoiling many family holidays, restricting career opportunities, preventing many from experiencing the countless natural beauties of the world, viewed by millions every year, and even turning an experience that is for the majority a pleasurable event into a nightmarish feat of endurance!

Virtual Aerospace Gloucester's fear of flying session takes you into our B737-800 flight simulator that can replicate many technical and physical sensations you will feel on an actual aircraft, with the added advantage that, should you wish you can take to the 'driving seat' and find out for yourself how safe these wonders of modern technology really are…all in the knowledge you are firmly and very safely attached to mother Earth.

This session is a MUST do activity and has an excellent track record of helping many people overcome their greatest fear.

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