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Virtual Aerospace

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10 Hour 737 Flight Simulator Course

This course is a real treat to those who want total aviation immersion!

This course is a real first for the simulator world. Ever wanted to be an airline pilot, want to learn indepth but circumstances prevented you from achieving your dream then this course will provide you with a new and completely unique and amazing experience.

5 Hour 737 Flight Simulator Course

This course is truly unique and has been carefully designed with a balance of fun and challenge in mind. Our goal is to teach pilots and non pilots how to operate the Boeing 737NG and totally immerse you in the world of the big jet pilot. Depending upon experience we will stretch your knowledge tailoring each session to the pilots level. That means for non pilots learning the basics of flying in general before moving on to more advanced handling.

Flight Simulator Instructor

Train with us and become a Virtual Aerospace Certified Flight Simulator Instructor and gain masses of satisfaction as you learn to fly the B737-800 flight simulator, guiding hundreds of very happy customers through the flight experience of a lifetime.


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