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FB Simulator Assessment Preparation With Instructor

FB Simulator Assessment Preparation With Instructor

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We currently operate three B737-800 / NG Fixed Based Simulators at our Sywell and Shoreham Airport training facilities as well as 10 full motion simulators at our Burgess Hill, Gatwick, Manchester and Amsterdam facilities.

All Sessions include comprehensive Briefing and debriefing and all plates, checklists etc are provided.

We have helped many pilots start their career or move into new employment with airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Air Baltic, Lionair, Flybe, Thomson, BA and Jet2 to name but a few! If you are looking for a leg up in a relaxed professional environment come and fly with the UK,s largest flight simulator company!


logo_125px "Four guys just had a fantastic couple of hours on this simulator. It really gets you hooked and gets the ticker going ..! Well worth it and got to say Jamie the pilot was very helpful with loads of patience (as was the receptionist) ..!! Great experience, will return sometime." ratingView all reviews


Product Description


We are aware that most pilots using our facility will then go on to use level D full flight simulators, or possibly even continue onto the real aircraft. With this in mind we have gone to the trouble of installing real Boeing primary flight controls. Both rudders and yoke are fully linked and are genuine Boeing parts! The result is that you will get the exact feedback you should expect on both the real aircraft as well as full flight simulators, key in preparing for assessment.

The cockpits are 1:1 scale, fully enclosed and accurate in every detail.

Out of the window visuals are more detailed and realistic than current Level D standard.


  • Full Boeing Glass Cockpit.
  • Dual FMC.
  • MCP and EFIS with dual QNH and Flight Director.
  • Full, TCAS, Terrain Avoidance and Weather Radar.
  • CAT III capable Autoland.


  • Airline simulator assessment practice.
  • LPC prep recurrent training / inc. LOFT.
  • General glass cockpit familiarization.
  • General handling of heavy transport jet Orientation JOT.
  • Private or commercial pilot career development.
  • General handling practice automatic flight and raw data.
  • MCC preparation.


Initially you will taken to our briefing room where over a coffee your instructor will discuss with you what you are looking to achieve, previous history and session goals.

You will then complete a full sortie briefing typically taking 15 – 20 minutes. Off to the simulator, this is when your time allocation will start. All sessions conclude with a de-brief, assessment of skills and future goal setting if necessary.

Our sessions are kept informal and relaxed; this is an environment where you should feel comfortable about making mistakes and improving technique.

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